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OK now I figured out that a share of a blogpage  in two groups in the facebook, on my time-line can increase the damn traffic to a blog upto 27 times. I just did it for the record(like observations-database) so that i would remember these cousins “social networking,  traffic” forever.
electronics went good for the night, I have completed the assignment consisting of clipper’s and clamper’s topics. i went good in today’s quiz cum exam too. feeling like “just for this semester”.
waiting for the mid-sem exams to end…………..
“I have got a list to tick off, after these exams.” actually i have several lists which i haven’t completed, but i’m used to this cumulative process for two years.
a brief content of the list may contain omag, telnet, telnet(gui session).


Today i got two tasks to do one is to download an image that i have seen somewhere (a dance girl image) and the other one is to download the solutions to the boylested book(electronics) to prepare for the mid semester examinations.
first one was too easy i just added the tbm parameter with the value isch (image search) to the generally generated query parameter to the google.and its the first result i got.
and the second one which was a bit tough i eventually found a copy which is hosted on a remote ip which i am unable to download from the mozilla but i figured out that the host might be a basic home server so i implemented wget recursive download method which disastrously failed, wget retry method too failed just because the host is intentionally blocking the continues packet transfer.(technically connection is refused). I eventually succeeded in getting the pdf by manually pumping several keyboard(up key and enter) strokes to wget.

and the image is worth of downloading i’m presenting it here (soooo cute). presently it’s my wallpaper.