shell program

today i have started to execute my first bash program, but it said that permission denied. I was a kinda startled as i am owner of the file and i thought i will have all the rights. I trashed al those thoughts tried to get some help from root. But he got the same issue. then i thought that may be the file is not executable yet. but it is not technically true as shell scripts run by interpreters but not by compilers. So after a little bit of internet search I found that we have to assign executable permission to the program to gain the ability to execute it.

chmod +x filelocation

this will give you rights to execute it.


Someone Please Develop This

This is an excellent idea, I am just thinking that i have got all my summer, why not try this.

Salary Mom Chronicles

Dear World:

Please develop an internet doo-dad that I can put my grocery list into and get a breakdown of where it is most cost-efficient to purchase each item within a 10-mile radius of my house. If you develop one that will then divide it into pick-up orders from Giant and Harris Teeter, that would be even cooler. I was about to say I’d pay money for a service like that, but then it occurred to me that y’all should be paying me for this great idea. So never mind.


Salary Mom

The Dinosaurov family runs on Harris Teeter (and occasionally Giant) grocery pick-up. Whatever we lose in not getting the cheapest prices on foodstuffs in a given week, we recoup it on the fact that I am not physically wandering the aisles of our local grocery store at 6:30 PM on an empty stomach.

Safeway is seriously missing…

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