maggie @ 12’O clock | log on the terminal network monitors

that’s the question which was asked by jithin when i kept my first spoon of maggie (made exclusively from A-133) in my mouth somewhere around 12’O clock (mid night). well, i wish i could have said “we aren’t bored of maggie” but the silly maggie didn’t allowed me to.(very silly)

today’s log is about terminal network monitors :
some of them won’t install until i update the system, so I got another prick that may be before downloading a package the repositories might check the current system’s status. which is rude according to me, if the package needs the updates of certain sub-packages, it should mind it’s own business instead of forcing me to update my whole system.
we know standard one’s like ifconfig, ip addr, etc…
well some of the network monitors that worth mentioning are:-

  • netstat
  • bmon
  • iftop (i particularly liked it’s name which is a mix of two > ifconfig and top.. and it is nice too.)

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