Controling Rhythmbox from the keyboard.

Okay how many times you have reached to your mouse to change the song or to change the volume in your Ubuntu system (this one is not for the people who are using the laptop), cos i did that thing a lot many times. well as these are holidays I fixed my position(a comfortable one- just a keyboard below my fingers and a sublime window in-front of my eyes)… as seen in the movies you can certainly expect a background music. then the thing happened rhythmbox started playing some old song, so i (ctrl+alt+T)ed to type “rhythmbox-client –next” then i wondered how about creating a hot key (or shortcut key) for this very command.

That way it’s began, i started hot keying all the usual programs that I use. The examples may include tor browser, Firefox
, chrome, sublime, brackets, terminator(a cool multiwindow’ed terminal interface), gimp, clearing the recycle bin, etc,..

The commands I have used are

rhythmbox-client --next
rhythmbox-client --previous
rhythmbox-client --volume-up
rhythmbox-client --volume-down 

You can find more on the man page of rhythmbox-client.


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