What do we need – Trained or Skilled individuals?

So what does the Information Technology Industry need – Trained or Skilled individuals. Some may conclude that both the type’s of individuals are in demand in the industry, Trained individuals get relatively low salary when compared to  Skilled individuals.
But how will you conclude a web developer who uses Bootstrap, Normalize, etc technologies to suffice his needs, a system administrator who uses sticky notes of commands that are hard to remember, an arduino programmer who just uses functions to complete his highly interactive project, an amateur android programmer who uses kit’s to develop his app. You may eventually conclude that they belong to Trained Individuals.
for example Bootstrap was designed by two people, while it is used by 1000’s of web developers, designers. so a work by two skilled people is capable of employing 1000’s of trained people. The fact resolves that schooling (at least some part) should be oriented in a way to produce trained individuals. but we should keep in mind that there may be 1000’s of projects(like bootstrap) by skilled people are failed. So the most of people we are seeing as trained individuals may be highly skilled. So as the topic proceeds we will see it as a paradox.

Let us examine what is happening at present: Campus placements are reaching 60%, even in top universities. they are branding the students as toppers and failures. The failure’s who haven’t got a campus placement are joining into a institute, eventually becoming a trained and scoring a decent salary. So we can certainly conclude that this is a fault of University. Universities should aim to brand the students as trained, and skilled rather than with GPA.


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