Edit the web the way you want with userstyles.org

Just imagine that you can edit your favourite website. what it would be like, to edit the design of a website and hide the unwanted elements, permanently hiding the elements that you don’t like.(advertisements ?). It’s like applying the styles to the web. I would say that it is an IDEA.

Unfortunately after googling vigorously I found that the idea has been in implementation by userstyles.org

website ideas
website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

but still it’s a very great work, unlike availing the services by making contracts with popular websites and asking their permissions(the way that I thought), they found a viable alternate for the idea, that is by designing the add-on’s and extensions to the browser and and instructing the add-on to replace the css, javascript, etc when the pages are encountered. what a brilliant strategy. this unveils that they are not willing to take risk to develop a fully functional graphical based editing website, which may take several programmers, designers, etc.
Anyway it would be a good start-up.


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