google’s site: wildcard

Today i have been wondering, how many people from Indian School of Mines are participating in an online coding competition like a Codechef ?

well i have got the answer as 188 from Google (i am not saying that i got the answer from a website). you may ask that how can Google answer to a question like that !

But if you think cryptic then you will ask how can you translate a question like that to a question that Google can understand ?

then i will answer
Okay Let me explain this clearly to you!

  • Every codechef profile page contains Institution: option
  • And this is where our Indian School of Mines Coders encode their institutions name
  • What do you think, we just have to command the google to search all the profile pages of codechef for Indian School of Mines

Google has this site: wildcard, which is much like a parameter(Web Designer’s who have used Google custom search would be aware of this), so with the help that wildcard and some other operators, i was able to generate few search strings.

Indian School of Mines
(Indian School of Mines)&(Student)
(Indian School of Mines)&(Student)&(Andhra Pradesh)

A real googler wouldn’t believe that “About 3,23,00,00,000 results (0.45 seconds)”. same goes here too There will only a half of reliable search items and the rest are similar items. So if you go to the 19th page of the first search string, you will find the figure. So the answer to my silly question is 188.
Screenshot from 2014-04-21 23:04:27


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