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inline function

An inline function is a function upon which the compiler has been requested to perform inline expansion. In other words, the programmer has requested that the compiler insert the complete body of the function in every place that the function is called, rather than generating code to call the function in the one place it is defined. Compilers are not obligated to respect this request

God! thank you for giving us refresh()

every time I wrote some grid type program to provide a little bit of terminal interface to the back-end, it always has to be made with a system(refresh) under a while loop and it looked a bit weird as it went on printing and gave a notion like a 80’s movie type.. but with ncurses god gave refresh() which will only update the part which has been changed to viewport or window.

So feeling a little bit of joy with ncurses.

strcmp() drawback

It’s been a while, the strcmp() function provided by the default library may come useful in many times but if the implementation is tweaked a bit then it will be greatly useful for the dictionary search programs, sorting of strings, last or first occurring word in a lexicographically sorted array of strings. So here, I present my tweak.

Github :

The Longest Code that i have ever written (in C Programming)

Although the statement has lots of exceptions like using my own library files for solving sorting etc. problems. So keeping all those cases aside lets debate on this question. On the first sight it looked as if it is easy(considering both the code length, and difficulty). But it turned out that after completing the coding on every instance I realized at the same time, of a corner case. And at the end, it resulted in 111 lines of code.(actually it’s 113, but I cut it down to 111 by removing a couple of preprocessor directives). I’m sure that we can code it better. After all it’s solved so I don’t want to keep my lazy ass on it.