‘Why’ to ‘How’

Why should I fail every time in the codejam? Why the questions had to be tough? Why couldn’t I understand the question in the given time?

I am having very hard time converting these ‘why’ questions into

How can I pass every time in the codejam? How can I stop thinking about how hard the question? How can I easily understand a question?

I know I had to .. but I couldn’t. The ‘Why’ questions are itself a satisfactory as they give a because you are fool reply and ‘How’ questions are quite good at giving Just leave me and go for the Why question

My codejam performance in the Round 1-B was a tragic. I was just able solve a single question(second question). For the first question I couldn’t even formulate a Brute-Force case structure.


One thought on “‘Why’ to ‘How’

  1. little bit of Googling dumped this information…….
    Why? probes the reasoning or purpose behind a decision or action.
    How? looks for answers regarding implementation or planning.

    in case of Why?, the answer will be more conceptual or philosophical. Why? lead to answers of more importance and greater significance.
    For How?, the answer will be more concrete or detailed. Continued questions of How? lead to answers of less importance and diminished worth.


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