An excellent Hello World Program

Isn’t it an excellent idea to construct a mathematical function to print out the Hello World program. After the mean value theorems in my +2, sieve algorithm techniques in CS, this is the thing that amazed me in my whole life.  The idea is not mine. This cool dude called Stavros Korokithakis. got the idea. But that doesn’t stopped me to think of constructing a mathematical polynomial function rather than a fitted curve in MATLAB in his implementation (I am just playing as a critic****, not a troll).

It isn’t that difficult to design a mathematical function which will return some predefined integers upon giving some known input.
let me explain my thought
y = f(x)
we have the y1, y2, y3, y4, ……… y13 and x1=0, x2=1, ……… x13=12
Now we just have to find the polynomial of degree 12
coding for an hour in c programming, one can easily write a program to find the coefficients of the polynomial of degree 12 using our 13 equations by writing a function to reduce our 13×13 matrix into a upper triangular matrix and find the determinant and then putting them together with cramer’s rule…(Believe me I didn’t even tried)
Of-course there might be a polynomial whose degree is less then 12. which will be a pure coincidental incident that will be never forgotten by ASCII and “Hello World!”

AND a polynomial approximation of HIS function might take a degree of 17. (predicted by studying the maxima and minima in the graph).

**** It’s not that, I am professional enough to say that I am playing a critic but I surely have the knowledge of Critical Theory concept and Critical thinking.(as of read during my BITSAT examinations).




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