Converting epub file to pdf

I usually prefer not to write long article, but as I can’t do much during these late hours…..

Every one of us have seen the James Bond Movies. But only few might heard of 007 James Bond Series E-Book collection. I had downloaded the ebooks from a torrent(link).

But the directory contains the books in the epub and mobi formats and the cover images in jpg format. Unfortunately I don’t like installing apps in my windows-phone for every small thing and i really love adobe. So I choose to convert them first and then to drop them. Linux has this software (terminal utility) called ebook-convert which will convert the epub files into pdf files.

There are approximately 45 files to convert and there is no way that i have copy paste the file names and type the commands for 45 times. I retrieved the filename’s of epub format in the directory and then i passed them into ebook-convert as arguments. But the thing here is retrieving the filenames is easy.

but passing them one by one, we definitely have to change the approach….
Instead of using array’s and complex commands, I tried to send the filenames one by one from a file (which I made using STDOUT redirection).

So here how I converted the 45 files.


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