a lesson, use a language for what it is supposed to be usefull !

Today downloaded some songs from the youtube url’s with

youtube-dl -f 17 -i down.txt


pretty well, but soon i realised that I forgot something

youtube-dl -f 17 --extract-audio --audio-format=mp3 -k -a down.txt

unfortunately both the ffmpeg and avconv doesn’t support sending input as a batch. and there is no way that i have to pass 50 file names to the commands. Generally i would have gone for bash and write a few lines of code and get rid of the problem. But i thought wickedly and tried to do like this.

the code looked too good(in fact, still i didn’t get where i’m going wrong). but the run gave the creeps, so without looking back I silently headed back to the BASH.

#lesson :  Never use a language for what it’s not supposed to do, generally


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