most of the fun was at reverselist

6:30 :

I started to write some basic getnext readnext functions for the linked lists. Not every time we should analogically link up the snake with linked list. There isn’t any art if the linked list is large in this analogy (is there any art in 10000 meter snake).

Consider the chimera (Greek mythical creature) which has the lion’s head, goat’s body and serpent’s tail which would be a perfect analogical link for our linked list when dealing about reversing a linked list. There is definitely some art in 10000 (approximate length of troposphere) meter chimera…

So remember the significance of body, the classical snake analogy will fail as its purpose is to only point the head and tail.

Back at school times It was too hard to be patient when listening to my social teacher’s analogies for geography statistics ( where do they come from? ). but now It’s critically hard to be patient towards my own analogies..


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