I hate searching for drivers..

Searching for drivers and detecting the problems in the drivers are the real pain after installing a linux system. But every time it will surely help us to learn some thing new. We all know how the programs treated as users and which talk each other under a homogeneuous set of rules and directions in unix like systems. I got a problem where my pulse audio didn’t have permision to view my home directory. I then changed the ownership to me again of my home directory, thinking that would help pulse audio which is working under me can get access to my directory as i am owner of my directory. All day was lost to wake WiFi, Lan, Sound drivers.
Basically i messed my whole ubuntu drive by compiling latest(as of last week) gnu coreutils, gtk, ncurses etc. whole GTK messed with my compiz and display and the nautilus took too much memory and cpu. It basically tried to get the png of icons by initiating their respective programs and some how got stuck there. and that’s not all, i have pkill the nautilus everytime. I then removed it and then whole compiz diappeared (Yesterday Night), ENOUGH (i shouted).
Installed Fedora
Ran a Driver Check
Got my WiFi and LAN drivers working
and after 6 hours in which i thought that it’s a driver problem for sound turned out to be a file permissions problem.
PS: Please add those yum updates at every comma(,) and dot (.) in the above Paragraph.
PPS: verbose is the one cool option to be cryptic around those non linux users..
PPPS: non Linux is always a safe word..


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