x-thesaurus made this weekend great !


A terminal client to lookup synonyms of an english word. x-thesaurus uses the Big Huge Thesaurus api to serve the synonyms to it’s users. please get your own api key from Big Huge Thesaurus and replace it with YOURAPIKEY in the x-thesaurus.h


as of now it is only supported in *nix based systems.

x-thesaurus word

will do the job


x-thesaurus word
x-thesaurus computer\ science
x-thesaurus sceptical pint interested open boss

Goodies for programmers

There is a C++ wrapper to http-get.c in lib.


colorize the output
create maximum number of results argument
show only nouns argument
show only verbs argument
show only synonyms argument
show only antonyms argument
*Initializers in x-thesaurus.h


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