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Hackerrank – HourRank5 – Hr City

nice problem, have to be extra careful when writing the recurrence relations.

dist[n] denotes the sum of the distances between each pair of nodes in the nth step.

coun[n] denotes the number of nodes in the nth step.

cdis[n] denotes the distance from every node to the corner of the structure in the nth step

corn[n] denotes the distance between north east corner to south west corner of the structure in the step

openshift private pip repo

If you are working with openshift-flask, then you would surely notice that that your pip freeze to requirement.txt will fail in deploying your app. That is because most of the time your pip freeze contains the latest versions of the python modules, but if a repo is popular openshift’s private repo only contains the highly tested versions. So one solution is to check the available versions from the error messages when the app is deploed through git. Or you can use the requirements.txt --index-url feature.

here’s my requirements.txt